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Proactive voice moderation changes the game.

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Protect every player

ToxMod understands not just what is being said, but also whether it causes harm, helping you catch magnitudes more toxicity than player reporting and speech-to-text solutions.

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The World’s First Voice-Native Moderation System


Goes beyond user reports to protect even your most vulnerable players.


Intuitively understands the difference between friendly trash talk & villainous roleplay.


Customize to prioritize the harms that matter most to your community.


Protecting players isn't optional; but neither is protecting their privacy. Modulate does both, keeping you compliant with regulations like GDPR and COPPA while also fulfilling your duty of care around protecting vulnerable players.
Check out our data and privacy page for more info.

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Modulate's mission is to build a richer, safer, more inclusive metaverse for everyone.

We’re world-class audio experts, gamers, allies, and futurists who are eager to build a better online world.

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