Director of Product

Ken M.


Q: Who are you? Where are you from?

A: I’m originally from the East Coast (Connecticut), but have significant time in Singapore, Ohio, and California, as well as Boston.

Q: What’s your background? What did you do before Modulate?

A: I have a BS in Computer Science and a MA in Economics from UCSB and have managed to tangentially apply some of those skills in the real world. I’ve done some development, sale engineering, business development, partner and account management, project management, and product management. I also helped run a small restaurant and was a chef for a bit.

Q: Why are you joining Modulate?

A: I’m super excited about technology and its possibilities, but more importantly the stance and the ethical forethought going into the application of the technology. Technology is moving at such a fast pace, it’s so important to get ahead the ethical and social ramifications that come along with it.

Q: What is your primary or favorite online community?

A: Online communities are tricky. There are so many great communities out there, but it only takes a few bad actors to make things toxic. I mostly hang out on a few smaller discord servers with some friends, but I also haunt a few of the friendlier communities on reddit.

Q: What’s the voice skin you’re most excited to use, and how do you plan to use it?

A: It’s not a specific voice per se, but a voice suitable for whatever PC I’m playing in my D&D game. I’m terrible at doing voices, so I’m super excited at the prospect of using voice skins to augment my roleplaying experience.

Q: What’s your ideal work environment? Any special strategies you use to stay effective?

A: I’m pretty flexible, but collaborative, so whatever environments facilitate my co-collaborators (in person or remote) are ideal for me.

Q: Tell us about something you must have in any culture you join?

A: Intellectual curiosity. Innovation is so key in the technology sector and that starts with the people and the culture.

Q: Who are you outside of work?

A: I love cooking (especially for groups of people). I prefer hanging out with small groups and doing low key activities - hiking, camping, hanging out with my dog.

Q: What’s something you’re great at that few people realize?

A: I’ve been home brewing beer for over 16 years and have brewed for a few friends weddings/parties.

Q: Leave us with a fun tidbit - a favorite joke, a story from your past, an obscure riddle, whatever you like!

A: Chickens are dinosaurs.