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Push your skills to the next level while joining a passionate and flexible team that, cliche as it sounds, really is making the world a better place. We're a well-funded startup working with top social platforms and gaming studios to detect misbehavior, encourage friendship and collaboration, and ultimately ensure that the 'multiverse' is for everyone.

Beyond our lofty mission, our culture prioritizes autonomy, transparency, personal growth, and a constant desire to experiment and learn from others rather than to try to enforce conformity. We're proud to compensate our team well, but we also want to ensure team members gain even more from their experience at Modulate. Thus, we strive to make sure that while anyone joining Modulate brings real value to the company, we also pay that back by providing them the chances and tools to grow so they can achieve their own goals in the future.


Modulate has a unique culture, which our team loves and truly believes makes Modulate an amazing place to work. But that also means we have some pretty strong norms that might not be for everyone. You can read more about our specific roles below, but regardless of the specific work you do, we recommend applying to Modulate if - and only if - the following sentences truly describe you:

  • You genuinely believe in the potential for safer online communities across gaming, social, and so many more applications; and no matter how clever your ideas or how great your effort, you understand and agree that our only true metric for success is whether we collectively achieve that mission.
  • Given the feedback of “you’re doing great, keep it up,” your reaction is not relief or satisfaction but to eagerly ask "but how can I do even better?"
  • You know your job isn’t to “do what your manager tells you”, but rather to work together with them to combine their strategic goals with your boots-on-the-ground knowledge and figure out the truly best work to be doing.
  • You recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere, so you go out of your way to bring in new perspectives and keep Modulate’s culture inclusive to everyone.
  • You may find meetings or writing documentation to be boring, but you’d never try to cut yourself off from that kind of work - you know transparency and staying aligned with the team is far too important to be a second priority.
  • You respect your coworkers enough to tell them the truth - even when the truth is that you don’t think they are meeting the bar - because keeping that information from them means refusing them the chance to fix the problem.
  • You are prepared to sometimes follow decisions you don’t fully understand as part of our ability to move fast; but that will never stop you from voicing questions and holding our leadership team accountable to living up to our values.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’re excited to sign up for a journey together. While each of our roles below includes key skills you should be prepared to demonstrate, Modulate is much more excited to hire someone passionate and ready to learn even if inexperienced, over someone who perfectly meets the bar today but has no interest in their role evolving as we grow.

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