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Push your skills to the next level while joining a passionate and flexible team that, cliche as it sounds, really is making the world a better place. We're a well-funded startup working with top social platforms and gaming studios to detect misbehavior, encourage friendship and collaboration, and ultimately ensure that the 'multiverse' is for everyone.

Beyond our lofty mission, our culture prioritizes autonomy, transparency, personal growth, and a constant desire to experiment and learn from others rather than to try to enforce conformity. We're proud to compensate our team well, but we also want to ensure team members gain even more from their experience at Modulate. Thus, we strive to make sure that while anyone joining Modulate brings real value to the company, we also pay that back by providing them the chances and tools to grow so they can achieve their own goals in the future.


Modulate has a unique culture, which our team loves and truly believes makes Modulate an amazing place to work. But that also means we have some pretty strong norms that might not be for everyone. You can read more about our specific roles below, but regardless of the specific work you do, we recommend applying to Modulate if - and only if - the following sentences truly describe you:


At Modulate, we strive to ensure we're building a diverse and inclusive team which welcomes great candidates regardless of background. Being aware of the research on implicit bias, we've worked to design an application process which minimizes the risk of that bias interfering with us finding the best applicants.

As the first step, you'll fill out the application below. Please avoid disclosing any details which would directly reveal your race, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other protected demographic status. We are only looking for information which directly relates to your ability to succeed in the given role. (For this same reason, all resumes will be masked and redacted before review, as it's been shown that resumes often lead to strong biases in hiring processes.)

Do keep in mind that we're not judging you for your persuasiveness (unless that's part of the role) or the artistry of your writing, and are not sticklers about grammar - but we do expect your answers to be readable! After all, a huge part of work at Modulate is coordinating with your teammates, so it is important that you at least feel comfortable communicating clearly with your peers.

If your application is accepted, you'll have a 30-minute phone screen with the hiring manager or a senior member of the team you'll be joining. This individual will not be aware of your real name or demographics, and they will be using VoiceWear to mask your voice. (You won't have to do anything other than join the call, don't worry.) This way, we ensure demographic biases are kept out of the process as much as possible - though as the final stage of the interview process, we will invite you in for some longer chats with the team, at which point your name and information will of course be shared with them.

Any questions or concerns about this process? Reach out to us at

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