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For Enterprise Studios who want to foster a more positive community

ToxMod's powerful voice-native moderation tools reduce churn, increase average revenue per user, and enforce positive community sentiment. Studios of all sizes see upwards of 3X return on investment from ToxMod.

ToxMod Custom tier is designed for studios & titles with tens of millions of monthly active users

Custom includes:
Custom Pricing
/ Year
Package purpose-built for you
Best hourly rate available
3-month guided trial
Multilingual support for 18 languages
All ToxMod scoring categories
Data insight support
Player report correlation
Automated escalation
Marketing & community consultation
Community manager support at launch
Single-tenant support
Server-side SDK
Custom feature development priority
Underage user detection available

ToxMod's advanced machine learning processes remove silence, white noise, background music, and other extraneous noise to ensure customers' usage is representative of actual toxicity analysis in conversations between players.