ToxMod Voice Chat Moderation Debuts in GRAB VR

I’m thrilled to share that ToxMod has now launched in GRAB! We’re excited to implement ToxMod’s powerful, proactive voice chat moderation capabilities in this multiplayer VR parkour game from SlinDev.

In GRAB, up to twelve players can climb, jump, slide and swing through the levels to reach the end of a course. Being a VR game, players most often communicate with each other through voice chat and our proactive voice moderation will help human moderators by flagging the most obvious code of conduct infractions, letting moderators prioritize the worst behaviors first. 

Nils Daumann, SlinDev Founder and CEO says, "by integrating ToxMod I hope to make the voice chat moderation in GRAB more fair by having more context and information on user reports, stop more offenders and eventually automate the most obvious infractions of our code of conduct. It will help reduce the amount of time spent on moderation while making the game more welcoming for everyone."

We're excited to see how ToxMod can help improve the player experience in GRAB!

Check out GRAB, available for Oculus Quest, Pico 4 and all PC VR headsets on Windows.