Director of Finance

Amanda Yip


Q: Who are you? Where are you from?

A: I’m the Director of Finance.  I was born and raised in New York City.

Q: What’s your background? What did you do before Modulate?

A: My background is in education.  I’m a devoted lifelong student who enjoys traveling, listening, learning, and leveling up through practice and new experiences so I have journeyed along different paths before arriving at Modulate.  Immediately prior, I served almost three years as the business officer for a small nonprofit independent school.  Before that, I grew and led finance, operations, and transformation for a variety of commercial business units in publishing and educational technology, covering a broad range of products and disciplines around the world.    

Q: Why are you joining Modulate?

A: Modulate’s mission, culture, and values align with my personal ones.  The fight against toxicity and creating safe spaces online and in real life is important to my identity as an individual, and as a parent.  

Q: What’s your ideal work environment? Any special strategies you use to stay effective?

A: My ideal work environment is a welcoming space where we can openly explore and experiment with successes and failures together.  To stay effective, I need a good night’s sleep.

Q: Tell us about something you must have in any culture you join?

A: Authenticity and inclusivity are a must.  

Q: Who are you outside of work?

A: When I’m not at work, I am usually with my family, reading, playing games, binge watching shows, and volunteering.  

Q: What’s something you’re great at that few people realize?

A: Mahjong. 

Q: Leave us with a fun tidbit - a favorite joke, a story from your past, an obscure riddle, whatever you like!

A: What’s something that the more you take, the more you leave behind?