Breachers Takes a Stand Against Toxicity with ToxMod

I’m excited to announce that Modulate has partnered with game studio Triangle Factory to bring ToxMod to Breachers, a tactical 5v5 virtual reality first-person shooter that offers an immersive experience in intense close-quarters combat scenarios. 

The Triangle Factory team’s primary objective is to cultivate a gaming community that is not only entertaining but also safe and respectful. We’re thrilled to be helping achieve that goal by integrating ToxMod into the game! 

Empowering Safety with ToxMod

At Modulate, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring the well-being of players within the gaming community. Bringing ToxMod to Breachers gives the Triangle Factory moderator team a powerful tool to enforce their Rules of Conduct in voice chat and protect their players from bullying, sexual harassment, and other forms of toxicity. ToxMod immediately detects and reports concerning or inappropriate content to human moderators to assess and take action, helping to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. We’re excited to be working closely with the Breachers moderator teams to fine-tune ToxMod’s customizations. 

Maintaining Privacy and Strengthening Standards

We understand the significance of privacy and community empowerment. Your voice data remains confidential, and ToxMod only shares segments that raise potential concerns such as hate speech, harassment, or explicit language. Rest assured, casual and non-abusive language remains unaffected since ToxMod can tell the difference between heated gameplay and verbal abuse (think “f yeah!” versus “f you!”). As always, the final decisions regarding addressing negative behavior will always rest with the respective gaming teams, with ToxMod there only to offer valuable insights and context to moderators.

Elevating the Breachers Experience

Our collaboration with Triangle Factory in bringing ToxMod into Breachers reflects our shared commitment to creating an environment where players can fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience without encountering disruptive toxic behavior.