Modulate Joins the Inspired Internet Pledge

I’m excited to announce that Modulate has taken the Inspired Internet Pledge, a commitment by technology companies like us to make the internet a safer and healthier place for everyone, especially young people. Organized by the Digital Wellness Lab of Boston Children’s Hospital, the Inspired Internet Pledge aims to connect the dots between mental health and emotional wellbeing to technology in actionable ways.

At Modulate, we are on a mission to create safer and more inclusive online communities by combatting toxicity with intelligent voice technology. Our flagship product, ToxMod, is a proactive voice moderation platform that empowers community management teams to make informed decisions and protect users from hate speech, harassment, and other forms of toxic behavior prevalent in online spaces. In an increasingly interconnected digital world, ensuring the well-being and safety of online communities has become paramount – a great fit for the Inspired Internet Pledge!

Online toxicity, especially in the realm of online gaming, has been a growing concern. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the number of players aged 13-17 experiencing online harassment in games increased from 60% to 66% between 2021 and 2022. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, Modulate has developed advanced machine learning frameworks that have processed millions of hours of audio for both AAA game studios and indie developers across various platforms, including computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. With ToxMod, we have helped protect tens of millions of players, making online gaming a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Beyond developing a world-class solution like ToxMod, what other commitments are we making to help improve the internet? 

Our Inspired Internet Commitments

We understand that effective moderation is just one part of building a responsible and safe online community – that's why we collaborate closely with our partners to assist them in deploying our AI moderation tools while also helping them craft and execute robust trust and safety strategies. Modulate actively engages with the digital ecosystem by partnering with game studios, VR platforms, and online social organizations to provide comprehensive trust and safety solutions and guidance. Here’s what we’re committed to doing: 

Sharing Best Practices through Webinars

At Modulate, we believe in sharing knowledge and best practices collaboratively across the tech industry. To fulfill this commitment, we will organize regular webinars to convene industry thought leaders and spotlight the innovative and thoughtful strategies employed by large and lesser-known platforms in the online ecosystem. Our goal is to provide inspiration and encouragement to others who are dedicated to creating safer online environments. We recognize the value of showcasing successful approaches that contribute to positive online interactions.

White Papers on Effective Moderation

The gaming industry has long understood that simply banning bad actors is an incomplete solution to the challenge of toxicity. However, trust and safety teams have historically had limited tools at their disposal. Modulate is committed to publishing a series of white papers on best practices for moderation. These papers will emphasize the importance of recognizing that the majority of users do not have malicious intent and that coaching and support can be more powerful than punishment. Our white papers will draw on the expertise of Modulate's staff, academic researchers, and third-party studios to offer valuable insights and guidance.

Making the Internet Safer Together

At Modulate, we are committed to promoting a digital world where people can engage online without fear of toxicity. We hope our participation in the Inspired Internet Pledge further underscores our dedication to this mission. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organizations to create a safer and more welcoming online environment for all. Together, we can inspire positive change on the internet.