Modulate and Trass Games Team Up to Bring ToxMod into Yeeps: Hide and Seek

I’m excited to announce that ToxMod is now live in Yeeps: Hide and Seek, the multiplayer, block-based building and parkour game from developer Trass Games. The Trass team recently celebrated the official launch of Yeeps (congrats!) and we’re thrilled to be partnered with them to offer the best in voice chat moderation capabilities to help protect and grow the Yeeps community. 

In Yeeps: Hide and Seek, players can team up to create and defend a fort using the game’s intuitive building system. Working together with other players in a VR environment of course requires in-game communication, which is why it’s important to ensure voice chat interactions stay within the bounds of the Code of Conduct that Trass Games has created. ToxMod helps moderators by identifying voice chat interactions that violate that Code of Conduct, escalating a report for moderator review. As always, ToxMod is tuned for specific games and their communities; that means ToxMod won’t be flagging players for friendly banter or trash talk (yes, it can tell the difference) We’re glad to be helping the team grow a healthy community that is respectful and – most importantly – fun!

Jack Southard, Trass Games’ CEO and Co-founder, says, “We care deeply about creating the most positive and safe communities in VR. Voice chat is integral to our social experience and has been extremely hard to moderate at scale. We are hopeful that ToxMod is the solution we’ve been looking for to empower our moderation team and extend their reach.”

We're excited to see how ToxMod can help improve the player experience in Yeeps! Yeeps: Hide and Seek is available now via the Meta app store. Join the Yeeps Discord community here.