Modulate is Growing!

For Modulate and Modulators, our journey has been one of transformation and growth. Over time, we've evolved not only in size but also in the way we approach our culture, our work, and our mission. In the last four months alone, we’ve welcomed five new Modulators to the team, some of whom are pictured above (left to right: Erika, Orkun, Corin, Mike). This growth represents an 11% increase in our team size. I’ve been reflecting on Modulate’s quick growth and all the hard work put into scaling up our culture.

In today’s blog post, I wanted to share my thoughts on what’s driving Modulate’s growth, including some insights from our newest Modulators (some of whom are pictured above), expand on what the People Ops team and I have been doing to scale up our culture to meet the needs of a growing team, and offer some of my own hopes for the future of Modulate’s growing culture.

Driving Modulate’s Growth

I still remember the days when we operated out of a cozy little office, a tight-knit team focused on a shared mission. Fast forward to today, and while we still have a tight-knit team and shared mission, you'll see a slightly different picture – one with more Modulators! For example, in the last year, we’ve grown from about 20 full time Modulators to over 40. As of September 2022, we've moved into a new office space, and the buzz and excitement is still palpable. This growth didn't happen overnight, and it certainly wasn't accidental. It was a conscious decision driven by our commitment to our mission and our culture of inclusion. 


So what’s behind Modulate’s growth in recent months? My approach is always relational – I enjoy getting to know teammates on a personal level because I think it helps us to connect better as colleagues when we connect first as people. So in talking with fellow Modulators on a regular basis and collecting feedback about all things Modulate, our mission is undeniably a massive motivator for many Modulators. 

Strategic Account Manager Erika joined Modulate in August and said “I decided to join Modulate to support removing toxicity from online spaces.” Similarly, Corin, our Director of Engineering who joined the team in June, believes in Modulate's potential for tremendous influence, saying, “I think Modulate can change the way we build community through games and the way we collaborate to advance technical initiatives across industries, and that's far too exciting to miss.” 

We're not just building technology; we're striving to create safer, more respectful online spaces. This mission is reflected in the work and products we create and resonates deeply with our team – it's one of the top reasons why we've been able to attract such fantastic talent! 

Machine Learning Engineer Orkun joined in September and says, “What struck me deeply about Modulate is the expansive set of opportunities that could be built upon the main product of Modulate, which is ToxMod, in means of devising promising additional use cases of Machine/Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing applications that could be built upon Modulate’s mission of creating safer voice chat environments.”


Our unique culture is another critical factor driving interest in working at Modulate. Our exemplary hiring process, thanks to the dedication of Morgan and Terry, helps us find individuals who not only excel in their roles but also align with our culture of transparency, openness, and a deep sense of curiosity to both share knowledge and learn. 

Nathan became Modulate’s first VP of Sales in July and loves the people and the product at Modulate, saying, “The team here is diverse, driven, and genuinely love what they do. The product makes a tangible difference to our customers.” Mike, Content Marketing Associate, joined Modulate in May, saying, “It’s exciting to be one small part of a big team of talented and generous experts. Being able to spotlight Modulate’s unique culture of inclusion and belonging has been a highlight of my role so far.” 

Supporting an Expanding Team

As always, growth necessitates a fresh approach to how we operate. For the People Ops team, our goal is to make working at Modulate the best experience possible, so we’re constantly introducing new initiatives and processes in response to our team's rapid expansion and their feedback. One such initiative is the "Get to Know You Series," a platform for Modulators to share more about their identity and culture. So far, we’ve had great conversations about gender identity, race and ethnicity, neurodivergence, and celebrations like Bastille Day and Cinco de Mayo. 

We've recognized the need for open lines of communication and feedback. After all, as we grow, it's essential to ensure that everyone's voice is heard. We recently created an anonymous feedback portal to encourage our team to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, whether anonymously or openly. It's all about fostering connection and understanding! 

I must also acknowledge the outstanding work of Kendra and Kirsten, who've played pivotal roles in making our office space warm and welcoming. From delicious snacks to accommodating equipment like standing desks and a dedicated quiet area, they've ensured that every Modulator has what they need to succeed and feel comfortable.

The Future of Modulate

What’s on the horizon for Modulate? As we look ahead, we're finalizing our professional development and training plan for 2024. We're also committed to sharing the "Modulate Competencies Model," offering clarity on personal and professional growth. We’ll also continue our focus on mental health in the workplace, from creating company-wide “decompression times” to offering standard work from home days and “no meeting Wednesdays.” 

I've seen Modulate grow almost two-fold since I started. While it’s not my first experience seeing and supporting an organization’s growth, it's been incredibly energizing to welcome so many new Modulators to the team in recent months. Each newcomer brings a fresh perspective and expertise. This growth provides us with an opportunity to learn from one another.

As I reflect on Modulate's journey, I'm filled with gratitude for the growth we've experienced. It's a testament to our shared commitment to making online spaces safe.