ToxMod is Committed to Serving AAA Studios with Expanded Enterprise Feature Set

We’ve always said that ToxMod was built for studios of all sizes, from AAA, multi-team developers and publishers to small indie devs. But today, we’re better positioned than ever to provide the level of support, product development, and robust features that enterprise teams at the largest studios expect from their software partners. With multilingual support for 18 languages, 24/7 enterprise-grade support, available single-tenant licenses for studios with multiple games, and partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry like AWS and Nintendo, we’re ready to shout it out loud:

ToxMod is enterprise ready!

ToxMod now supports eighteen languages

ToxMod is a powerful, intelligent voice moderation tool that is already used by studios around the world to combat toxic behavior in voice chat. Now that we’ve expanded ToxMod’s capabilities beyond English to support a total of 18 languages, developers are positioned to protect their players no matter where they are or what language they choose to speak.

With our new multilingual feature set, ToxMod can now understand the full context of a conversation – even if it is a mix of languages! – and better escalate real harms that are happening in multiple languages.

ToxMod customers can rest easy knowing that they can now provide a much larger percentage of their player base with the level of community protection they’ve come to expect in English. Full coverage across a studio’s global audience is a big deal! Developers of all sizes, from indies to the largest AAAs, can protect their players across any or all of the eighteen languages that ToxMod supports.

ToxMod customers can now access 24/7 support

Modulate’s support team always goes above and beyond the call of duty to support our customers. A dedicated Account Manager will work with Enterprise studios to ensure that every part of the ToxMod, from onboarding and integration to launch and continuous collaboration, goes smoothly. Additionally, Modulate technical teams are available 24/7 to help our customers address critical integration issues in real-time.  Whether it’s a simple technical issue or a broader inquiry about integration or interoperability between systems, Modulate’s team of experts provides enterprise-grade, high-touch support to ensure a seamless ToxMod experience.

We’re tightly integrated with each customer and act as an extension of internal teams to make workflows smooth and efficient. Our Account Management team is familiar with each game, community, and studio that we’re working with, and has the technical knowledge of each ToxMod integration and how it fits within a studio’s frameworks.

ToxMod supports single-tenant instances for multiple titles

Many of the largest game studios and publishers have custom backend systems that are their single source of truth and single interface for community management or player management services. ToxMod has always supported “headless” deployment and integration with this type of backend system, but with single-tenant instances available, studios will have a much easier time rolling out proactive voice moderation across multiple titles with minimal integration effort or development time. ToxMod’s API and technology plays well with any studio’s native environments, giving customers the choice to interface with ToxMod via their own systems, or through ToxMod’s own Web Console. 

As the trend of increased spending in the Trust & Safety space continues, we’ll likely see the largest game studios set up internal player and community teams such as Riot’s Central Player Dynamics group. The benefits of this setup go beyond just shared backend technology – there’s also the potential for common codes of conduct that can span between games. With that in mind, ToxMod’s single-tenant instance support is an easy and effective way for studios to reduce overhead and streamline their voice moderation support across multiple titles.

Modulate’s latest partnerships enhance ToxMod’s enterprise feature set

If you’ve read this far, or you’re otherwise familiar with ToxMod and Modulate, you know that we are laser-focused on creating the best voice chat moderation solution for games. But just because we aren’t in the business of, say, image-based content moderation, doesn’t mean that our customers shouldn’t have access to similarly industry-leading tools in that space that will help improve the health of their communities. We’re now tapped into a vendor network of best-in-class tools and platforms that set studios up for success in building a successful game and game community.

Modulate’s Preferred Vendor Network offers customers direct access to community health tools and services. Today, Modulate is partnering with AWS, Nintendo, and other soon-to-be announced partners, but we’re not stopping there. If you are a company offering game studios community health tools or voice services, we want to speak with you. To get in touch, please reach out to our Partnerships team at