Photon and Modulate Unite to Transform Online Gaming with Next-Gen Voice Moderation Integration

Publish Date:
March 5, 2024

Boston, Massachusetts, March 5, 2024 – Modulate, the best-in-class prosocial voice intelligence company, and Photon, creators of the world's #1 independent cross-platform multiplayer service, have announced a strategic partnership that integrates Modulate’s state-of-the-art, prosocial voice moderation technology, ToxMod, with Photon’s leading multiplayer and voice service. This alliance gives customers unparalleled access to the most potent and efficient real-time voice streaming and voice moderation solution currently available on the market.

“At Modulate, we're committed to pioneering safer and more inclusive online spaces,” said Mike Pappas, co-founder and CEO of Modulate. “ToxMod not only reduces user churn and builds community trust through proactive moderation but also helps games stay compliant with global regulations like the DSA. Our partnership with Photon will not only enable their developers to protect their players from toxic content, but it will also reduce their financial and legal risks.”

Through this collaboration, game developers utilizing Photon Voice can now seamlessly implement ToxMod’s advanced voice moderation solution directly into their games. This integration is designed to be straightforward, allowing game developers with ToxMod access to turn on voice moderation immediately in their Photon dashboard. Moreover, it reduces the network bandwidth demands, particularly beneficial for mobile games, by ensuring games transmit only single-stream voice data to Photon.

“Photon has always been at the forefront of multiplayer game development, and our collaboration with Modulate makes Photon Voice's high-quality, scalable voice chat even more powerful with the integration of ToxMod,” said Christof Wegmann, CTO and founder of Photon. “This means not only crystal-clear communication for users but also a significant leap forward in making online gaming spaces safer while ensuring low latency and reliable communication worldwide, and with Enterprise Photon Cloud, we're ready to support games of any scale.”

An added advantage of this partnership is the ability to deploy ToxMod across all platforms supported by Photon, including mobile, desktop, consoles, and XR, without the need for games to use additional CPU resources to send audio data to the ToxMod plugin.

About Modulate

Modulate builds intelligent prosocial voice technology that combats online toxicity and elevates the health and safety of online communities. ToxMod, Modulate’s proactive voice moderation platform, empowers community teams to make informed decisions and protect players from harassment, toxic behavior, or more insidious harms — without having to rely on player reports. ToxMod is the only voice-native moderation solution available today and has processed millions of hours of audio for game development studios large and small on computers, mobile devices, and consoles. Modulate’s advanced machine learning frameworks have helped customers protect tens of millions of players against online toxicity to ensure safe and inclusive spaces for everyone. 

Visit Modulate at to learn more, and follow Modulate on LinkedIn and X.

About Photon

Photon is the world's leading multiplayer service provider, with thousands of live games and more than 1.4B monthly active players. Photon makes it simple to build and launch AAA-grade multiplayer games with Unity and Unreal by providing the benchmark for State-Sync and Deterministic multiplayer engines with Photon Fusion, Photon Quantum and Photon Voice. Beyond gaming, leading Fortune 500 enterprises leverage Photon for dynamic real-time applications across digital twins, operations, and educational experiences. With decades of success running the best games in the world, Photon's reliability and accuracy are ideal for real-world applications. Photon premium development support accelerates the game development process with access to over 60 comprehensive samples encapsulating best practices for seamless gameplay, exclusively available to the Photon Gaming Circle community members.

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